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Read All About It: New Additions to the Blogroll
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We've got a few more additions to the Buzz Saw Blogroll today - some we think you'll really enjoy.

Syzygy... adventures in woodturning and woodworking by Keith Larrett
Keith's blog has got sections on both woodturning and "flatwork", and reviews, "musings," and even surfing the web for woodworking topics. He shares his woodworking experiments (like ebonizing), his successes and also his failures, reminding the reader to "enjoy the journey". And don't miss his "About" page, where he explains the name of his blog!

Flying Chips by Robert Tinsley
Our first blogrolled blog specifically on wood carving, Flying Chips also delves into the author's projects, sharing successes and mistakes so that the reader learns along with the writer.

Wood Zealot's Workshop by Charles Davis
A truly entertaining blog, with categories and post titles like "Body Parts I Wasn't Trying to Cut," and "Necessity out, stupidity in, as mother of invention". One of the Zealot's posts gives you ideas so that you can break free from the "unnecessary financial restraints" that are stopping you from buying the woodworking tools you want... Just read it - he's great!

If you know of a blog you think we should blogroll, leave us a comment below and we'll take a look! In the meantime, enjoy these new ones!

posted on July 15, 2009 by admin
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6 thoughts on “Read All About It: New Additions to the Blogroll”

  • Nate

    I read the blog entitled Wood Zealots Workshop and was so turned off by
    the comedy routine that I could not finish it to the end. I'm sorry
    if this is considered to be constructive for any woodworker. Tell him to
    go to a comedy club and o a standup routine there. As far as
    I am concerned it was a complete waste of my time. Too cute for words.

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Hi Nate -- Yup, as with anything, tastes are different, and not every blog we recommend will be for everyone! We'll present a good mix of serious, instructive, and lighter, humorous blogs. It's up to each individual to choose the ones they'd like to follow. You're very welcome to suggest any woodworking , DIY, junking, or crafting blog here - we'd like to take a look at any other blogs our readers are reading! And who, knows, your suggestions might make our blogroll too. Thanks for sharing your opinon!

  • Chris

    I found the Wood Zealots site just a few weeks before you posted this entry and I love it. It certainly does not contain any serious woodworking theories, it simply uses woodworking as a way to launch a humourous commentary on whatever crosses the author's mind.

    I personally find it incredibly funny. I can see how someone would be turned off by it. But there's tons and tons of theory sites out there, and only 1 that's woodworking related that has some humor. The fact the he uses woodworking as a launching point is just a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

    If I hadn't already found it, I would be thanking you for turning me on to a great blog.



  • Bill R.

    Thanks for the new woodworking blogs.

    While they may not all be my flavor, I appreciate a dose of "fresh blood."

  • Kristain Brown

    Nice article….and I like it a lot. You provide a complete mixture of severe, informative, lighter and humorous blogs. You show woodworking as a way to launch humorous commentaries that are not based on boring serious woodworking theories.
    I really appreciate your way of presentation that is too funny and helps to create interest to read this article.

  • Toolemera

    Well, it's always good to see a major retailer get in the flow of the blogworld. The exchange of information and ideas herein is much appreciated. As to the content of blogs... to each his/her own. My blog runs from the very serious to the frivolous to the absurd. The great thing about the internet is that if you don't like something, just don't read it. But then, you may be missing something in the long run.

    Life is short, work some wood.


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