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Recent Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event Sponsored by Rockler
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Last week in Minneapolis two esteemed names in the Junking world got together and held "an event beyond compare," and Rockler was thrilled to be involved as a sponsor. Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style was put on by Jim Schmitt (of the former) and Sue Whitney (of the latter) and a slew of fabulous vendors of antiques, repurposed objects, handmade jewelry, assemblage art and plain old good junk!

We were there for every day of the fun, handing out freebies and prizes, demonstrating finishing techniques, and talking with junkers about the many products we carry that can help them Create with Confidence! It's so much fun for us to be out and meet with customers and introduce them to products they might not have been aware of. To see people's eyes light up when they see simple, but ingenious solutions like The Painter's Pyramid™, or Rockler's own Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers is really enjoyable. People may not always think of Rockler for things that aren't strictly woodworking, yet we have so many tools and supplies with multiple uses, that it's really worth it to take a look at us when you're doing any type of project!

One good sport we met and chatted with at AAJMS was even persuaded to exchange his baseball cap, which sported the logo of *another-store-which-shall-remain-nameless*, for a Rockler logo cap! Thanks, Tom King from Canada!

Rockler also held a very popular class for event-goers called "Woodworking for Junkers"! The class, given by expert woodworker Linda Haus and expert junker Lin Cable, was lots of fun. They walked the class through the steps of a junking project (in this case a metal-base/wood-shadowbox-top coffee table) from start to finish, explaining the tools and techniques used along the way.

Lin Cable and Linda Haus from Rockler with Sue Whitney from JUNKMARKET Style.

You can look for Rockler to be more involved with the JUNKMARKET crowd in the future, and we hope you'll enjoy our occasional foray out of the strictly woodworking and DIY worlds into the green and eco-minded world of creatively repurposed junk!

posted on May 11, 2010 by Kim Adams
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