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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Deluxe Sewing Center Plan and Mechanical Lift Mechanism
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Today I'd like to share a great review for the Deluxe Sewing Center Plan. The review is not unusual - this is a great piece of furniture, and the plan (and our lift mechanism that goes with it) regularly get good reviews.

This week, however, Curtis Vixie of Susanville, California sent in a review that included some really fabulous pictures of the sewing center he built from the plan. (There are even more images if you click through to the review).

This is such a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that it almost makes me want to take up sewing! Curtis says:

I used walnut, walnut plywood, walnut burl veneer and rock maple for the drawer sides.... I paid a bit extra to have 1/64 wood backing on the burl veneer but it made it much easier to work with. I used hide glue to put the veneer to 5/8'' Baltic birch plywood. I also ordered the manual lift that Rockler sells. It is the way to go. I added a framed-in area around the opening to put three different inserts. I used Watco dark walnut Danish oil.

It's really gorgeous, Curtis - thanks so much for sharing! There are over 15,000 customer reviews on our site! Hearing about the products from other customers can really help make your buying decisions easier. Check it out at!

posted on January 8, 2010 by Kim Adams
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3 thoughts on “Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Deluxe Sewing Center Plan and Mechanical Lift Mechanism”

  • Jane

    This is a gorgeous sewing table! One question...I have an old executive desk that I would like to convert to a sewing table and wonder what tools and level of experience it takes to make the hole for the sewing machineinsert, like on this pattern. I would still like to reinsert the cut piece of wood into the hole when the machine is not in use. Also, since the space below the machine is cavernous, could I glue a strong section of plywood at an appropriate spot, so that I could mount the lift device to it? (I need the left side of that space clear, so that I can elevate my left leg when I sew.But it could be joined to the bottom of the desk top and to the right side down to the floor.)Thanks for any advice.

  • Kim Adams

    Hi Jane - Thanks for your comment! I'm working on finding some advice for you on what it would take to convert your desk. In the meantime, if any readers have thoughts on Jane's question, feel free to jump in!

  • paulette.ethier
    paulette.ethier March 23, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    I would like to do the very same thing as Jane . I have an oak school teacher desk the top is about 1 1/4 inch thick 31 3/4x 60" also it has 23 1/2 " draw in the front and a set of draws on both side . I would like to know how to do the same . I want to make a hole for my sewing machine .etc. Can you help me. I'm on a budget since my husband got laid off from work

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