Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Dust Right is Doin' it Right!
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Two great reviews last week on Rockler's Dust Right™ Dust Collection System! The first is from Gerald Sprouse of Paso Robles, CA, who says:

Very pleased with this tool(Dust Right system). I added a 21 foot hose for my table saw and use the 28 foot unit to clean the shop. Since wall space is limited in my shop I built an attachment for my table saw to store the wand and hose. Works great and moves with saw. I move my saw to the center of the shop for most projects. My dust collector has two 4 inch ports and I just open one and close the other to clean the area around the saw.

That's a great idea, and part of the beauty of this system-- you can easily modify the setup to fit your needs.

Tim Kearney of Fort Wayne, IN sent in the next review, which was for the Dust Right™ Expandable Hose:

I chose the expandable hose for its flexibility. I use it on several "mobile" tools in my shop. It stores very easily with the available accessories or home-made adapters. It works just as advertised.

The Dust Right™ easily moves around your shop wherever you need dust collection at the moment.

For more on the Dust Right™ System, see this previous post).

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