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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Fun in the Sun!
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It's summertime (at least here in the northern hemisphere), and summer fun is in full swing. Our favorite customer review at Rockler.com this week is this creative interpretation of the Beer Bottle Adirondack Chair Plan! The reviewer, Brad, turns his Cleveland, Ohio yard into a tropical paradise, complete with a giant bottle of Corona! Brad says the chair plans were good, easy to follow, and that he's working on a cup holder. Don't forget the lime, Brad!

Obviously you'd rather be sitting on your deck than working on your deck this summer. But if your deck needs some repair, we've got a few neat tools (one for pulling the old boards, two for laying the new ones) that will make that job easier and quicker, and get you back in that Adirondack chair faster!

Duckbill Deck Board Removal Tool

Duckbill Deck Board Removal Tool
This ingenious tool uses leverage rather than strength to remove even the toughest deck boards. The tool slides under the board, straddles the joist and lifts the board -- with minimal effort. Harry Raber of Bedford, Massachusetts, says the Duckbill "made a long job quick, easy and fun!" Bowrench Deck Tool

Bowrench Deck Tool
The Bowwrench Tool is like having your own deck-building crew! Frees up your hands (and legs!) and holds the boards in place while you nail. Reviewer Heather, of Maynard, Massachusetts, says "I work alone most of the time and find decking... more than a little challenging by myself. The Bowrench is a great tool. It makes life a lot easier, and though a little pricey... it is worth its weight in gold." EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fastening System

EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fastening System
This system eliminates the problem of ''nail pops'' and makes board spacing a snap. No reviews posted for this one yet, so be sure to leave one on our site if you try it out!

Rockler.com has over 15,000 product reviews written by customers like you. We encourage you to leave a review to help others considering our products, and to read the reviews, to help find the right product for you! Another way we help you Create with Confidence! Happy summer!

posted on July 27, 2009 by Kim Adams
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