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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Heavy Duty Pantry Slides, Not Just for the Kitchen
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Heavy Duty Pantry Slides

It's great when you can think outside the box, and find a use for a product beyond the advertised use. Jim Quinn of Riverton, New Jersey, did just that with our Heavy Duty Pantry Slides. Rather than use them in the kitchen, Jim used them in his bathroom to turn a deep, narrow closet into a convenient and functional slide-out linen cabinet!

In his five-star review of the slides Jim says:

Rockler's heavy duty pantry slides made it possible for me to design/build real utility into the space at the end of my bathtub. The original cabinet with a hinged full-length door was awkward and difficult to use. Items were always just out of reach in the very back. Now I have full access to the entire contents of the pull-out section which provides an efficient use of the entire space. Thanks, Rockler.

Thanks for sharing, Jim! Looks like it turned out great. (I might have to borrow this idea for my own bathroom....)

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posted on February 22, 2010 by Kim Adams
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2 thoughts on “Remarkable Rockler Reviews: Heavy Duty Pantry Slides, Not Just for the Kitchen”

  • Tom Quinn (no relationship)
    Tom Quinn (no relationship) February 23, 2010 at 3:51 am

    Hey Jim, great idea!! any chance you can send more details as to how you actually built the inside? bit of a newbie here.


  • Joan Cote

    Do you have pantry slides for upper kitchen cabinets? I found pantry slides for bottom cabinets but no upper cabinets.

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