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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: The Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base
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If you have a need for a mobile base in your shop, you know the important role these bases play. Having a decent base can mean the difference between using and not being able to use your heavy equipment (because there's no one, or not enough people around to help you move it). This week we're sharing some of the five-star reviews of our Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base. And it's worth noting that all of the reviews for the All-Terrain Mobile Base are five stars!

Jay Kurtz of Indiana reports:
I recently purchased and installed this mobile base on my Woodmaster 718 molder/planer. To say I'm satisfied would be an understatement of epic proportion. It was a tedious task to move the 600 lb machine from storage to production area, with the casters provided. Now I can move it fore and aft literally with one index finger applying 30 pounds of force. Two thumbs up for this mobile base. And, also, a nod of approval for Rockler being a top-notched company. I do not hesitate to recommend them to my woodworking friends. Every order has been flawless. Thanks.

Customer Ray Newman says:
A few weeks ago, I moved the engine hoist into the shop, lifted the planer & rolled this base under my Sunhill 15" planer (approx. 450 lbs). It is now very easy to move. How easy?? Well I can move it w/ my manual wheelchair pushing it & use one hand to turn it. The 5" wheels are the cat's meow!

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mike Davin has this recommendation:
I have a Steel City 20" planner at 790 pounds in a two car garage. This base is wonderful. Expensive but it does the job. I added the extension kit "A" and it did not detract from the strength. If you have a heavy machine, pay once and be happy.

If you're considering a mobile base purchase, it's worth reading the rest of the comments on the Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base. Our reviewers rave about moving machinery weighing between anywhere from 250 lbs. to 790 lbs. with ease! To quote more than one of the reviewers: "You get what you pay for; you won't be disappointed!"

posted on June 15, 2009 by Kim Adams
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39 thoughts on “Remarkable Rockler Reviews: The Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base”

  • Bill

    Looks like a very handy piece of equipment. I'm constantly confronted by the need for such a mobile base. I look forward to reading more into the reviews.


  • Mark

    I was about to say the same.
    Mark Kwon

  • Sean

    I resolve to organize my shop fully, and to finally organize all my wood into a more alphabetical order.
    I also resolve to keep my shop cleaner between projects.

  • John

    I resolve to finally draw-up and finish organizing my shop.

  • Tom

    I resolve to learn to make, by hand, at least one new kind of joint this year.
    I resolve to organize my shop so that my wife's car will fit in the garage.
    I resolve to teach at least one new woodworking skill to each of my grandchildren.
    I resolve to pass on a skill that I have learned, to another woodworker.
    I resolve to keep woodworking in perspective, as a pastime.

  • David Morton

    I resolve that the Magswitch team comes up with a new tool to win best new product in 2010 for the third time...yes we have several ideas in the pipe line.

  • Edmund

    Where to start?
    I resolve to not save small "important" scraps of wood. I have a wood stove now. I'll give it some love.

    I resolve to empty the container on my cyclone dust collector before it fills the cone and the filter.

    I resolve to not spending awful amounts of time making my shop pretty and instead make pretty things in my shop.

    I resolve to be patient with guests to my shop, it was after all my choice to locate my shop in a 97 year old firehouse.



  • Jeff

    I resolve to learn Google SketchUp, which may take me all year long! :)

  • Ben

    I resolve to learn to hand-cut dovetails, build shop storage, organize my shop, and buy a lathe and drum sander.

  • Jimmy

    I resolve to getting more power installed in my workshop as well as getting more organized with some shop cabinets.

  • Michael Ward

    I resolve to turn this hobby into a full time job. As a former automotive designer in Michigan, the state with the worst economy and highest unemployment rate in the country, I've taken my design skills and applied them toward woodworking. Being that the economy is the way it is, people cannot afford traditional burials and are opting for cremation more and more here. I've been making custom cremation urns now for about the past year and a half for friends and family, and now local funeral homes are beginning to request my services. I hope this pans out so I can support my family at the level I once did.

  • Greg

    I resolve to put things (tools, fasteners, materials) away between projects so that I can spend more time doing projects and less time looking for things.

  • Ry

    I resolve to finish at least one piece of nice furniture this year, and not just get sidetracked into small tinkering woodworking, playing with my lathe, and household DIY projects.

    In fact, I'd like to get one done in Q1 of this year.
    *draws his line in the sand*

  • todd

    i resolve to use all the existing scrap and extra wood i have on interesting projects before i buy more new wood

    PAUL WAYNE DOMINY January 4, 2010 at 6:54 am


  • Craig

    I resolve to organize my shop/garage. More importantly, I resolve to get more active in my woodworking. I've been slow this past year.

    Finally, my daughter has taken an interesting in lathe work (pen turning). I resolve to help her follow that interest.

  • Steve C

    I resolve to rebuild all of the cabinetry in my vintage Airstream this year.

  • Rick

    My main woodworking resolution this year is to rearrange the shop to be more efficient, cut down on clutter, and to minimize the number of tools I have in the shop that don't get used.

  • TheCraigJ

    I resolve to learn cabinetmaking so that this year I can actually redo our Kitchen like I have said I would for the last 10 years!

  • Mike Whitlow

    I resolve to clean up all the little lingering projects so I can move on to bigger and better things.

  • Happy Dodso

    I resolve to pleasantly help when needed with hubby's woodworking projects.

  • Drew Marold

    I resolve to finally clean up my workbenches, and get all my tools organized.

  • Jeff Hetherington

    As a newcomer to the woodworking hobby in 2009 - I resolve to LEARN in 2010. LEARN how to organize and keep a clean workshop. LEARN how to sharpen turning tools to improve my efficiency and final results. LEARN how to make something new (not sure what yet). LEARN proper finishing techniques, and LEARN the fastest route to the nearest Rockler store (I seem to always miss my turn...)

  • Eric

    To spend my Rockler giftcards in pursuit of finishing up my shop and getting it functional!

  • Mackenzie Moore
    Mackenzie Moore January 4, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I resolve to finally start (and finish) the picture frame for my mom that I decided to start three years ago. I resolve to learn new joinery techniques and finally hook up the dust collector I bought two years ago.

  • Brian Miller

    I already cleaned up the workshop, but will now need to set aside more time to finish my projects (such as building new cabinet doors for the camper) and need to work around naps and early bedtimes of my two little helpers.

  • Keith

    I resolve to run proper electric to my shop, instead of a heavy-duty extension cord. I resolve to learn what can be done with all the fancy tools I own. I resolve to build something to be proud of.

  • Russ

    Ah, where to start.. clean up and organize the shop, make those jigs I've be saying I need to have - and bought the plans/parts for, stop buying tools (that not very likely since there is a Rockler close by) and FINISH all the projects that I've already started :-)

  • Paul

    I resolve to clear the punch list and close the building permit on our house this year.

  • Russ

    I resolve to finish tne shop area in our newly erected barn.

  • Lance

    I resolve to become a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen!

  • ChelleR

    I resolve to spend more time in the shop and to finally move out the things that don't belong there.

  • Adam

    My resolution is to address the power issue in my shop. It would be nice to be able to run a tool and a light at the same time.

    Im seeing a trend here.

    MICHAEL S. MORPHIS January 4, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    I resolve to heat my shop in such a way as to make it comfortable without becoming a fire hazard.

    I resolve to take better care of my tools so my banker (read: wife) will let me buy more.

    I resolve to make my workshop even more accessible to family and friends that enjoy woodworking but have neither the space nor the money for their own shop.

    I resolve to NOT have four or five projects going on at one time.

    I resolve to add more electrical outlets in my shop (and more fuses in the panel)

    I resolve to keep everything in it's place so it's in it's place when I want to use it.

    I resolve to keep these resolutions!

  • CAHillard

    I Resolve: Build the 14x20 storage addition to the rear of may shop.
    Move all the excess lumber to said addition.
    Tweek the shop layout for smoother flow of work.
    Complete the rest of the drawers on the cabinet wall of the shop.
    Continue to mentor 2 young men in woodworking.
    Maintain my passion in woodworking gifts to others.

  • Gary Fixler

    I resolve to get the dust collector routed around the shop this year, instead of moving the hose around the 10' lengths of PVC pipe I bought a year ago. I resolve to build the small lumber cutoff storage rack to get the piles up off the floor, and then to come up with projects for them to deplete the cubbies before they fill up, using their fullness as a gauge to determine when I need to get my butt in gear on quick, scrap-based ideas. I resolve to use the CNC mini mill and mini lathe I bought 4 years ago to create all manner of clever woodworking things that would be incredibly difficult by hand, and to let my imagination run wild in this area, not afraid to just try crazy things anymore. I resolve to get my shop cleaned, because it is clearly a health hazard at the moment. I will build the under-router-table drawer box, fix my lathe stand (too tall, doesn't yet store tools), finish that cabinet I built and fill it up, and get rid of what I never use, possibly giving it all away in bulk through craigslist or LAReUseIt (email-list for giving things away instead of filling up the landfills here in LA).

    I am getting in shape, big-time this year, so I have the energy to do all of these things that I promise to do. I'm making those log cake stands for my mom and my friend. I'm finishing up my wood drying racks. I'm going to chew through the pile of logs I've saved up on my lathe, turning out turnings I can sell. I resolve to start an Etsy store as I've kept planning to do, and to explore as many avenues of revenue in this trade as I can, and to keep my eyes open to see if it's possible to make it a full-time thing. I want desperately to be my own boss one day, doing what I love. I resolve to do all that I planned to do, or die trying.

  • Matt Gradwohl

    I resolve to get my business moving, with Rockler products of course!

  • Frank

    I have one of these. It works just fine. The larger wheels do help in my shop, which is rarely clean.

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