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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: The Thread Detective
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Five stars all around for this little gem! We'll let our customers tell you about the Thread Detective:

"These make sizing an unknown screw or bolt a snap."
"Ingenious product!"
"Very simple to use so just buy it you won't regret it!"
"Will get frequent use"
"Age old problem now solved"
"Must-have tools for your workshop"
"So clever and useful"
"They make misidentification nearly impossible and a problem of the past."

And our Review of the Week this week by Mike Miller, of Noblesville, IN:
"Another Rockler winner! Saves time and easy to use. I have both the SAE and metric versions and they are great. Thanks, Rockler."

The Thread Detective comes in both standard and metric, and every size has both a male and a female tester. We have to agree: Ingenious!

posted on September 18, 2009 by Kim Adams
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3 thoughts on “Remarkable Rockler Reviews: The Thread Detective”

  • Eddie Tennell

    I ordered both the standard and metric versions and both are perfect -- I have used them to turn a bunch of miscellaneous screws and nuts into
    a well organized collection in bins.

  • roger m schramm
    roger m schramm March 11, 2012 at 8:37 pm


    Very good product for people who have had a brain injury or stroke, People who have co-ordination problems by attempting
    to screw metal threads or nuts onto or into these ball units for physiotherapy and dexterity, Also for old peoples to keep fingers
    moving when one has arthritis.

  • Bob Moseley

    Combine the 2 " Thread Detective " sets and offer it at slight discount .

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