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How to Reset Your Table Saw With Simple Plywood Jig on Your Rip Fence
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Resetting a Table Saw with Specialized Jig This quick and easy jig for your table saw will allow you to accurately make repeat cuts without having to reset your saw or lose precision.

Sometimes when building a project, I’ll want to reset my table saw’s rip fence exactly to an earlier setting. Here’s a simple jig that helps me do it without measuring. I routed a 5/16"-wide slot in a long, narrow piece of quarter-inch plywood and mounted it to the metal bar and knob of one of my featherboards. I glued a second plywood crosspiece to the end. To use the jig, I slide the registration end over against the rip fence setting I want to record and tighten the nut just enough to lock the jig’s position. Now I can lift the jig off the saw and set it aside. My “story stick” jig is ready to set back in the miter slot and relocate the fence when I need it.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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