Ridge Carbide Northwoods Dado-Master Makes Mostly Clean Cuts
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Ridge Carbide Dado-Master Dado Set

If you haven’t heard of Ridge Carbide, it’s a company worth adding to your bookmark list when shopping for cutters, based on how this dado blade performed. The outer blades are 24-tooth with a negative hook, and you get six four wing chippers, including the 3/32" size. There are no anti-kickback humps behind these teeth. When I stacked it up, the Dado-Master whipped through melamine particleboard with the same finesse as its competition. A few tiny chipouts were all I could find. It didn’t do quite that well when cutting across oak veneer plywood or splintery cedar, but don’t misunderstand me — the splinters amounted to tiny whiskers along the edges that could be cleaned away with sanding. Still, some other blades left a cleaner shave on these materials.

Ridge Carbide provides a set of brass shims with this blade, and their thicknesses are marked to help you fine-tune your cuts. You’ll also get the same open-sided case that comes with the Forrest blade. Big wingnuts on both sides make it easy to lock the blade parts securely for storage.

But the most noteworthy aspect of this blade — aside from respectable performance in cutting tests — is that it sells for about $80 less than the mid-pack-priced blades, which makes it a strong value. While it didn’t quite deliver the same cutting quality as that sub-group, this blade would deserve a “Best Value” award if we offered it. A very apt stacked set for the money.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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