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Rikon 10-050 Cabinet Saw Equipped with a Sliding Extension Table
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Rikon 10-050 Cabinet Saw Rip Capacity: 48"R, 10"L
Depth of Cut: 3-1⁄8" (90°); 2-1⁄8" (45°)
Table: 29-1⁄2"W x 42-1⁄2"L
Weight: 615 lbs
2010 Price: $1,699.99

The 10-050 is a leaner version of Rikon’s 10-110 right-tilting saw, which includes a big sliding crosscut table on the left side. For that reason, the 10-050 is the only right tilter here. The sliding table’s mounting blocks are still attached in case you want to add the table later (the accessory costs $899.99 as of 2010).

Rikon sliding crosscut extension table Rikon's cabinet saw comes with a handy sliding crosscut extension table attached to the left side, making this one of few right tilting cabinet saws.

It took me a while to get used to the right-tilt nuances: the blade tilt wheel is on the left, the arbor spindle projects from the right side of the throat opening, and the arbor nut spins on and off the opposite way. But, in testing, the saw’s large box trunnion, triple belt drive and accurate rip fence were up to my cutting tasks. There’s no blade shroud and hose below the blade to help capture dust in the cabinet, and about 13 handfuls of dust remained — an average result.

You’ll like this saw’s huge table area in front of the blade — a giant 16-1⁄2" with the blade raised to 1"! The extra room will sure come in handy for wide crosscuts.

Rikon informed me that since this saw came to market before the revised UL requirement for riving knives, it does not plan to update the saw’s fixed splitter and guard with a riving knife system.

Rikon dado blade insert for dado blades Rikon's cabinet saw features a second throatplate for use with dado blades as a standard feature.

Other noteworthy features include a dado blade insert and a storage compartment on the bottom. There is no side extension table for this saw.

At day’s end, I have mixed opinions about the 10-050. Its $1,699 price tag (as of 2010) would be a clearer value if it came with a side table, riving knife or blade dust shroud. If the sliding table seems appealing, I think the 10-110 could be the better buy for $2,199.99.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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