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Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw Blade Has a Poor Mounting System
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Rikon scroll saw 2011 Street price: $149.99
Throat Depth/Stroke: 15-3⁄4”/ 5⁄8"
Speed range: 550-1650 SPM
Table size: 10-1⁄16" x 16-5⁄16"
Motor: 1.2 amps
Blade style: Plain end or pin

Rikon’s variable-speed saw had both plusses and minuses for me, which leaves me with mixed feelings about it. As I said at the outset, blade installation is key to a pleasant scroll saw experience for me. I chose to use plain-ended (also called “pin-less”) blades for this test, because they fit through much smaller starter holes than pin-style blades. I’m told they are the preferred choice among serious scrollers. The challenge with Rikon’s saw is that you first have to attach a plain-ended blade to two loose metal adapters, then slip these adapters over a pair of notched mounts on the saw arms. Once tensioned, the system works fine, but when you de-tension the blade, the adapters are free to come off their mounts. It’s a real hassle to set up frequent inside cutouts when you have to wrangle the blade this way. One loose blade end is much better than two for that task. This saw is better suited for pin-style blades that don’t require those pesky adapters.

Rikon scroll saw port The power take-off port on this Rikon scroll saw expands its versatility for driving flex-shaft tools.

The large, clear blade guard surrounding the hold-down foot tended to vibrate against it during cutting, but it didn’t hamper my view of the cutting line. I liked the on-board adjustable worklight, and for serious crafters, this saw also has a unique power take-off on the motor to drive a flex-shaft tool (not included). The front-mounted dust port needs an elbow to point the vac hose in some other direction.

While it certainly cut wood up to par with the other tools, the adapter blade mount system hinders the Rikon’s user convenience for me.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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  • Jim

    Are there replacemereplacements that are available? If not what saws have better pinless attactment?

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