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Rockler and HomeFixated!
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Editor's note: Today's guest blogger is Marc Lyman of the irreverently funny and incredibly useful Home DIY site HomeFixated.com. If you haven't discovered HomeFixated yet, be sure to click on over. It's got everything for the DIYer: from tool reviews, to how-to articles and giveaways; and it's all delivered with a signature humor that's just-slightly-off-center! (Or, as their Twitter bio describes it: "sprinkled with snark!")

Have you ever sought out woodworking advice at your local big box store? If so, the conversation may have gone something like this:

You — Excuse me, what do you recommend for good dovetail joints?

Confused & Blood-Shot-Eyed Big Box Employee — Oh, wow man, I think you're in the wrong store. (whispering in your ear now) If you need advice on good joints, there's a smoke shop in the strip mall around the corner. They can totally hook you up bro!

You — Uh, thanks.

He's probably right though. You were in the wrong store. You should have been in Rockler! Local woodworking expertise that you can't find easily elsewhere is just one of the reasons we're proud to have Rockler as a sponsor of HomeFixated.com.

Rockler employees (at least the ones at my local store here in San Diego, CA) are even unafraid of giving you information for other stores. On one Rockler visit, I mentioned needing some unique molding for a project. Boom! The Rockler employee handed over a little photocopied sheet with several specialized resources on it, including a molding company I have patronized for several projects. They're there to help you, even if it's going the extra mile to provide you with information that may not result in a sale for Rockler. In the interest of preventing the firing of any of my Rockler friends, I should clarify - these were not items Rockler is in the business of carrying. Rockler is quite happy to sell you stuff too. Try it, it's true!

Rockler has all those little woodworking goodies you just can't find anywhere else. Whether it's specialized cabinetry hardware, wood finishes, or power tools from companies like Delta-Porter Cable, JET and Festool. Ah yes, power tools, something near and dear to HomeFixated's virtual heart. At HomeFixated.com, we're fairly obsessed with power tools, which is another reason we love visiting Rockler. You're just not going to find a Festool Kapex saw at your local big box store. In Rockler, however, you'll be greeted by a glorious wall filled with Festool goodies. They'll even provide a cup to catch your drool (cup not available for online shopping). They would give you a Systainer, but Festool hasn't released one for drool... yet.

Of course this is the Rockler blog, so I'm pretty much preaching to the choir about the benefits of Rockler, whether you're an online customer, or you're lucky enough to be near their many stores sprinkled generously around the country. One thing you may not know is that Rockler also supports content on many web sites that serve the woodworking community. Whether that's the talented Marc Spagnolo over at TheWoodWhisperer.com, or the many artisans showcased at CustomMade.com, Rockler supports great sites that further strengthen the vibrant and creative woodworking community.

So, if Rockler supports great sites, what in the world are they doing sponsoring HomeFixated.com? That's an excellent question! Obviously, they appreciate good humor too, which is something we attempt to infuse in all our content. Notice I said "attempt." Whether it's the latest power tool review filled with questionable analogies, or a handy DIY tip on how not to implode your house, we've got you covered. Unless our advice leads to you imploding your house. In that case, we've never heard of you.

Anyway, Rockler also recognizes that many of us who are handy and foolhardy enough to bend, shape and carve wood to our creative will, are also handy and foolhardy enough to tinker with our homes as well. The next time you're in need of some high quality DIY tips, woodworking resources, and reviews on tools you didn't realize you desperately need (along with some sub-standard humor), please drop by HomeFixated.com. We'd love to have you as a regular reader (in addition to Buzz Saw of course)! In the meantime, please continue supporting Rockler as they continue to strengthen our community at large. And don't forget to ask them about making good joints — they won't send you to the local smoke shop!

About Marc Lyman:
When Marc's not at his workshop altar worshipping his power tools, he's busy editing, writing for, and running HomeFixated.com. You can follow HomeFixated on Twitter as well, at http://twitter.com/homefixated.

posted on July 1, 2010 by Kim Adams
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