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Rockler Bench Cookie Home and Bench Cookie Plus Provide Improved Workpiece Support
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Rockler Bench Cookies with Riser The Rockler Bench Cookie Plus comes with a riser threaded into the bases that can give it the height of three bench cookies.

Rockler’s Bench Cookies™ work holders have been released in a couple of new “flavors”: the Bench Cookie Plus, which adds additional height, and the Bench Cookie Home, which adds an element of home decor. Bench Cookies Plus work with risers that thread into the bottom of Bench Cookie Plus on one end and into a standard round 3/4" benchdog hole on the other end. The risers come in standard or extra-large sizes, and the Bench Cookies Plus in “two-cookie” and “three-cookie” heights.

Rockler Bench Cookie Plus and Home Alongside the Bench Cookie Plus with risers, the Rockler Bench Cookie Home cookies have more attractive glossy shell for home use.

The greater elevation can ease back strain, provide uninterrupted surfaces for finishing, and make it easier to use circular saws and other tools without risk of hitting the workbench. The Bench Cookie Plus sells for $13.99 for a four-pack, while the risers are sold separately in pairs; $3.99 for the standard length and $7.99 for XL. The Bench Cookie Home, meanwhile, is a standard size Bench Cookie wrapped in a glossy black shell; four-packs sell for $11.99.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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