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Rockler Bench Cookies Workpiece Support with High-Friction Rubber Pads
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Rockler Bench Cookie supports Rockler's Bench Cookies provide solid work piece support with high-friction rubber pads on both sides to grip both your project and bench without moving.

Rockler’s Bench Cookies™ won’t leave any crumbs, and they’ll help you elevate boards off your work surface so you can access every edge during finishing. These round items with high-friction rubber pads on either side can also take the place of clamps for sanding, carving and more. Their small size (about the same size a standard hockey puck) means they don’t get in the way like clamps can, letting you complete a task in one continuous step more easily. With your cookie sandwiched between a work surface and a workpiece, that high friction material holds everything stationary. The Bench Cookies (item number 26357) come in packs of four and sell for $11.99 per pack as of 2009.

posted on October 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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