Rockler DustRight Vacuum System Adds Dust Collection Airflow, Accessories
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Rockler DustRight vacuum accessories system Rockler's DustRight system extends the value of your shop vacuum giving you a number of accessories and 4" hose to make dust collection even easier.

Rockler’s DustRight™ line adds the power of wide accessories to a 4" hose hooked to a dust collector. This increases the volume of airflow for cleaning the shop with a variety of accessories. The master system, including all DustRight accessories, sells for $69.99 as of 2009.

posted on December 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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3 thoughts on “Rockler DustRight Vacuum System Adds Dust Collection Airflow, Accessories”

  • cleo freeman

    how do i get the lid off off the dust right dust separator p/n 45556 to empty you have to twist it or does it pop off

  • Gene Kathol

    The hose connectors on the lid of my Vortex DustRight Vacuum System have broken. I need to find replacement parts or perhaps the entire lid, including the hose connectors. Any ideas?

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