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Rockler Junkers Get Some JunkMarket Style!
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Two of us from Rockler (Lin Cable, a veteran junker, and yours truly, a newbie junker) were lucky enough yesterday to have the opportunity to go to Sue Whitney's JunkMarket garage sale — and what a sale it was!

You've never seen anything like a sale that Sue puts on. First, I have to say that I was so awestruck and excited (and yes, there might have been a little hyperventilating going on) that I forgot to take even one picture! ("Thanks," you're all thinking. "Thanks very little.") I'm filching a couple pics from the JunkMarket blog, though, so you'll get the idea. (Thanks, Sue!)

I can tell you that this was more like a cross between an elaborately-staged magazine photo shoot and a big, fun party than any "garage sale" you've ever seen before. There was fun music, breakfast and coffee, and our fabulous host, Sue, flitting through the crowd and talking with everyone!

I happen to know that both Sue and Kimberly Melamed are frequent Rockler shoppers, and there's a definite affinity between junking and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Traipsing around the JM sale, or even paging through one of the JunkMarket Style books, you can see lots of things used in the projects that any junker can pick up at Rockler: casters, chair parts, clock kits, knobs and pulls, and so much more! (And that's besides all the power tools you'll need to piece your projects together!) Junking is all about repurposing old things (junk!) into new, fun, whimsical, beautiful, useful things! I was bummed to find "sold" tags on the vintage game boards pictured lower right. I (newbie junker) would've used them just as art pieces on my rec room walls. Sue (experienced-junking-god) had them pegged as table-tops! How cool would that be? Lin and I had a blast, and we stayed for almost two hours (Um, hi boss! Work-related... right?) We both made quite a haul. OK, so my haul was a little bigger. OK, so Lin had to pull up her vehicle because I couldn't carry all my stuff back to the street.... Anyway, woodworkers and junkers are more alike than you might first imagine. (And most junkers are, in fact, woodworkers - even if they don't think of themselves in that way). They both use enormous creativity to take something that might look like nothing and turn it into something beautiful. Thanks for the great day, Sue! Rockler loves JunkMarket's style! If you're lucky enough to be in the Twin Cities area this weekend, this sale is don't-miss event! Check out the JunkMarket website at www.junkmarketstyle.com!

posted on July 31, 2009 by Kim Adams
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