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Rockler presents a new website for CNC Shark enthusiasts!
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Today Rockler is excited to announce a new website: CNCSharkTalk.com. It's a place where users of the CNC Shark and CNC Shark Pro Routing Systems can chat together, watch how-to videos, ask questions, learn from each other and even show off their CNC Shark projects.

In case you're not familiar with Rockler's CNC Shark and CNC Shark Pro, they are full-featured, automated, computer-controlled routing systems. But where most CNC machines are either too complex, too big or too expensive for home shops, the compact, user-friendly Shark brings consumers the ability to machine intricate, custom designs with an affordable yet high-quality system. "Our customers wanted a CNC system fit for the wood shop, and that's exactly what the Shark provides,"
says Rockler product manager Scott Baumeister. "They're versatile, extremely well-built and priced thousands of dollars less than typical 3-axis machines. Customer response has been great."

Rockler's CNC Shark Routing System Rockler's CNC Shark Pro Routing System
People who've seen the new website are really excited about its potential. "CNC Shark Talk is a great new resource for potential Shark owners to learn about the product, as well as someplace where current users can talk with and find answers from other Shark owners," says Al Wolford, Rockler Tech Services Manager and moderator of the new forum. "Shark users that I talk with are excited about the system and its endless possibilities to make a tremendous variety of projects. Whether it is being used for a hobby or money making opportunities, customers are reporting success stories on a regular basis."

CNC carving by John Lyons of Kettering, Ohio CNC Wooden Gear Clock by Bob Hartig from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Our brand-new site already has some fantastic features. There's a video section featuring a new how-to Shark series by regular Buzz Saw contributor Ralph Bagnall of ConsultingWoodworker.com. For inspiration, there's an image section for Shark users to share their projects with others (like the ones above, taken from CNC Shark customer reviews on Rockler.com). But best of all is the opportunity to talk directly with other CNC Shark users. If you're pondering making a purchase, who better to talk to than a whole community of Shark owners? If you've got questions on your CNC Shark, who better to ask? And if you've got experience - what a great place to share it!

So we invite you to click on over to CNCSharkTalk.com, set up your profile, and start being active in your new community! It's just another way Rockler helps you Create with Confidence.

posted on July 30, 2010 by Kim Adams
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11 thoughts on “Rockler presents a new website for CNC Shark enthusiasts!”

  • Gene M Lynch

    How can you make payments on this equipment?

  • Mike

    Do you have software installation instructions for Windows 8?

  • Joe Huff

    I have been researching the literature on CNC machines.
    I am interested in finding out more about the Shark CNC.
    My first question is "How can I make payments on this equipment?"


  • Mike winslow

    Would like to see a Shark in operations. Am located in Jackson TN. Is there any owner within reasonable driving distance that would be willing to demonstrate?

  • Ken Steelman

    Can I make payments?

  • milton villarreal
    milton villarreal December 27, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Hi, I live in Rep of Panama Central America. How I can buy a CNC machine. How can I make payments and other delivery details?

  • Richard Delgado

    I have nothing but problems with my shark pro, my operating system is windows 8.0

  • Gene

    does the shark come with limit switches?

  • geneberens

    can i make the curved rocker rails for a rocking chair?
    what about curves and radius on various parts that make up the componets of a rocker?
    how difficult is it to program the computer software?
    will this work on microsoft 7?
    what kind of computer do i need?
    thank you in advance
    gene berens

  • Robert H. snead
    Robert H. snead March 6, 2015 at 2:57 am

    Can i engraze metal
    , steel, brass, silver ,bronze.

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