Rockler Produces Dust Right Dust Separator to Keep Shop Vacs Clean
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Rockler Dust Right Separator Shop Vacuum System Rockler Woodworking's Dust Right Dust Separator system turns standard shop vacuums into sawdust extractors, with an easy-to-change 10-gallon container.

Rockler’s Dust Right Separator 10-gallon dust container turns any standard shop vacuum into a two-stage dust extractor. Instead of sawdust, wood chips and other debris clogging up a vacuum filter, the Dust Right Separator's patented process traps those items in the translucent 10-gallon container, which has an easy-to-read “fill” line and a snap-on lid for fast and easy disposal. A five-caster base provides stability and easily maneuvers through the shop, while hoses, such as the included 36" flexform, fit tightly inside the connection ports.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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