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Rockler Router Table Finds a Good Home
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Our router table packages and accessories are among our most popular tools - we see a lot of them leave the building.  Sometimes we wonder:  Where do they go? Are they finding happy homes?

So, it's nice to hear back from satisfied customers, like Jim in Winfield, IL, who offer their Rockler Router Tables the first-rate accommodations we feel they deserve:

"My wife got me the Rockler Router Table and accessories for Christmas. The quality of the design, ease of use and improved safety, that the new table afforded, prompted me to build the chest shown to hold the table and all my bits, routers, patterns, etc.

I was originally going to make my own table, but after seeing the Rockler design, up close, I'm glad I left it to the experts."

Rockler's selection of router table packages and router accessories gives you a lot of options.  If you’re looking for a quality set-up with just the essentials,  Rockler's #1 Router Table Package has all of the necessary components - fence, base plate, table, blade guard.  And, in case your shop schedule at the moment doesn't allow for a spectacular custom base like Jim's, you can throw in an optional set of floor-standing pine legs and stay in the immediate neighborhood of $200 for the whole package.

On the other hand, if you'd rather start off with a few of the most useful options, the JessEm Router Lift with Rockler Router Table, Fence and Accessory Package includes some of the most sought after router table luxuries (the JessEm Lift has been particularly highly rated).  There are a number of Rockler router table packages in between and all of the router table accessories, fences and lift systems are available separately.  With Rockler, you really have the option to start just about anywhere you want on your way to building the router table tool collection that's absolutely perfect for your shop.

posted on June 30, 2006 by Rockler
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