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Router Tips - Easy Router Setting Templates for Bits and Rub Collars
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Router collar and bit template disks Rick White uses disk templates to cut rounded corners on his projects, marking them with the rub collar and bit information so he can repeat the cuts as he goes.

When you use a rub collar, it becomes the fence that guides your router. Rub collars in general are some of the most useful accessories you can add to your router arsenal, because their usefulness is only limited by your creativity. There is one catch that can add a level of frustration to employing rub collars: figuring the offset relationship between the collar and the router bit. It can get a bit confusing: if you use a 1/2" router bit in a 5/8" rub collar, what is the correct offset? It’s just math...but one way to avoid doing it each time is to use a trick that Rick White picked up from a reader many years ago: keep your routing templates with the information written on the surface. In fact, says Rick White, “many of the pro shops I visit have a whole series of disks of pre-determined radii ready to go. It saves time and lets you do all the math and machining at once.”

posted on December 1, 2007 by Rick White
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