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Must Have Router Bits: Specialty, Round Nose and Raised Panel Bits
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There are lots of bit profiles out there beyond the 10 must-have bits. Here are a couple more you might find useful.

Round-nose bit Round-nose or core box bits are designed for cutting rounded grooves and coves on plunge routers.

Round-nose bits (also called core-box bits) — Because they cut rounded grooves, they’re ideal for sign making, fluting, decorative grooves, finger-pulls, moldings, millwork and more. Typically used with plunge routers, but in a router table with fence or handheld router with an edge guide, they’ll also cut coves.

Panel raising bit Panel raising bits are designed to create profiled edges on doors and panels, on router tables.

Raised-panel bits — Create the profiled edges on door and other panels. Single-cutter bits shape only one face, but two cutter bits form the front and back of a panel at the same time. These bits are among the most massive and must always be used in a table setup. They also take off lots of stock, so multiple passes are necessary.

Specialty molding bits For special projects and edging jobs, it might be worthwhile to have a specialty bit in your shop, but they won't see regular use.

Specialty molding bits — These are use-them-once-in-a blue-moon cutters. They’ll never see daily duty in your shop, but for a special project requiring an intricate edge, they’re well worth their price. The one shown at far right below makes a beautiful table edge.

posted on December 1, 2010 by AJ Hamler
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