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Must Have Router Bits: The Top Ten Bits for Any Job in Your Workshop
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Router bit collection The router is one of the most versatile tools in the shop, adding a bit can change it into a completely different tool.

It’s a router bit jungle out there. The various profiles alone would account for several score, but considering that each router bit you’ll find comes in a range of diameters, lengths, angles and other variations, the number of available bits increases exponentially — there are literally hundreds.

If your routing needs are decorative, you’ll find numerous bits that create attractive edge treatments, moldings, panels, fluting and millwork. Likewise, if you look at your router as an essential joinery tool, you’ll find bits for dovetails, dadoes, rabbets, locking miters, finger joints and more. And if you have some other way to use this tool, consistently cited as the most versatile in the shop, you’ll undoubtedly find a router bit specifically for that purpose, too.

A router’s not really a tool at all, just a spinning motor. It doesn’t become a tool until you chuck a bit into it. But once you do add that bit, it defines the kind of tool that router becomes. How you define it is up to you.

With that in mind, you could stock up on every bit there is. Or, you could buy 10 of the most useful bits and you’ll be covered for 99 percent of what you’ll need in the workshop. But which bits make up the perfect top 10?

I’m glad you asked...

Chamfer Bits
Dovetail Bits
Roundover Bits
Rabbeting Bit
Straight Bits
Flush-Trim and Pattern Cut Router Bits
Cove Router Bits
Ogee Bits
Slot-Cutting Bits
Stile Rail Bit Sets

posted on December 1, 2010 by AJ Hamler
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