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Router Tips - Cutting Plywood with a Two Bit Trammel Plunge Router Cut
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Trammel guided two router bit cut Using a trammel as your guide and 5/8" and 3/4" router bits in succession will result in one, clean and efficient cut.

When using a router on a trammel cut — whether it’s an oval or circle — Woodworker's Journal field editor Chris Marshall says he always takes the extra time to make the cut with two router bits. “This old cabinetmaker’s trick usually makes the difference between a clean cut or a splintery one,” Chris says.

Using two router bits for a cut Using two bits in succession helps create one, clean solid circular cut.

Start your first cut with a 5/8"-diameter straight bit wrenched into your plunge router and cut clean through the stock (in this case, cherry veneer plywood). Then, replace it with a 3/4"-diameter bit and repeat the cut. The larger bit will provide a clean final cut, since it’s removing much less material than the first bit.

posted on December 1, 2007 by Chris Marshall
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