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Router Tips - Plastic Square Router Jig for Mortise and Groove Cutting
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Mortise and groove cutting router jig This simple jig attached to a router allows you to cut mortises or grooves in the exact center of even narrow stock.

This router jig is simplicity itself, and for that reason it’s a must-have option if you cut a lot of mortises — especially if you prefer floating tenons as a joinery solution. You need a plunge router to make it work correctly. The jig consists of a 1/4"- thick plastic square with a 1/2" hole bored into the center. “I just mount two bearings, like you’d find on the end of many router bits, in a straight line, equal distance from the center hole,” says Rick. Then, he simply attaches the plastic to the base of a plunge router by drilling countersunk holes (he uses the router baseplate as a template to locate those holes). Once the plastic plate is mounted to the router, the bearings will hold the bit exactly in the center of the stock. Rick says he prefers a 3/8"-diameter bit when using the jig. The only downside to this jig is that you can’t get too close to the end of a piece of stock, so when you plan your project, cut the legs (for example) a couple of inches overly long, plow the mortises and then chop off the waste. Because Rick’s jig is clear plastic, he can easily see where to start and stop his mortises.

posted on December 1, 2007 by Rick White
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