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Routing the Basic Rule Joint for Furniture Hinges with Roundover and Cove Bits
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Cutting a rule joint in maple with a router Cutting a rule joint for a table leaf or extension takes a bit of skill and some precision, including the use of cove and roundover cutting bits and likely a few passes, especially in harder woods.

By matching a 1/2" cove-cutting bit to a bearing-guided 1/2" roundover bit, you have everything you need to form a classic rule joint. Test your setup on scrap stock of exactly the same thickness as your table top and leaves. Use multiple passes to achieve your desired cut — especially in hard maple.

Layout and bits for cutting a roundover joint Combining two router bits and some hinge and screw hardware allows you to make a clever and attractive rule joint as seen in this layout.

Locate and mortise in your rule joint hinges, and you’ll be well on your way.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Frank Grant
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