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RTS Engineering Multi-Position Guide Stop Adds Mortising Stops to the Festool Domino
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RTS Engineering and Waterfront Woods MGS-20 Multi-Position Guide Stop RTS Engineering and Waterfront Woods' MGS-20 Multi-Position Guide Stop adds multiple guide stops to your Festool Domino.

Rick Christopherson (of RTS Engineering and Waterfront Woods) has not only used a Festool® Domino® joiner, he’s written instruction manuals for it — and, upon taking notice that there was a feature lacking, he invented an accessory to solve the problem. The Multi-Position Guide Stop (MGS-20) allows for versatile positioning of mortises created with the Domino anywhere you need them: the guide stops can be positioned anywhere from 3/8" to 2-5⁄8", and the tenons can be positioned in the center of a workpiece from 3/4" to 5-1⁄4" wide. You can also locate more than one position at a time.

While the MGS-20 comes with two pairs of locator stops, you can add additional ones, up to a total of six pairs. When using a position stop, you can flip unneeded ones out of the way without removing them, allowing you to dedicate position stops for your commonly used dimensions. The MGS-20 is sold separately from the Domino joiner for $99, with two pairs of guide stops and two stainless-steel mounting thumbscrews included.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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