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Ryobi DP121L Drill Press Gives Great Value and Nice Features at a Low Cost
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Ryobi Drill Press Swing: 12"
HP/Amps: 1/3; 5
Speed Range (RPM): 500-3000
Table Size: 1003⁄4" Dia.
Spindle Travel: 3"; Chuck: 1/2"
Price: $179; Weight: 91 lbs.

Want a full-featured drill press for a drill/driver price? Ryobi could be your machine. It comes with handy variable speed, digital rpm readout, lasers, task light and the most clamp-friendly table of them all.

Ryobi drill press crosshairs Ryobi's drill press comes with two separate adjustable laser targeting beams that let you set your drill press with added accuracy.

In use, the feed handle knobs were too small for a larger hand. Otherwise, this modestly sized entry kept pace with the bigger tools.

Ryobi drill press clamping table Ryobi's clamping table doesn't have a rim like most other drill press table, which makes clamping quite a bit easier.

One oddity to note: On my test tool, the table support handle didn’t seat properly in the casting, which made the support nearly impossible to lock securely. Craftsman’s lever fit it, which quick-fixed the problem. Still, if we gave “best value” awards, the DP121L would deserve it.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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