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How to Save Paint Thinner Solvent with a Half-Gallon Milk Jug Funnel
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Removing solid waste from thinner Using a cut milk jug, you can funnel solid waste out of your thinner, preserving it for continued use.

After cleaning a brush with thinner, you’ll notice that the heavier solids eventually settle to the bottom and leave the clear thinner at the top. Here’s a trick that will allow you to put that solvent to good use again and create a handy brush cleaner while you’re at it. Cut off about the top third and spout of a half-gallon milk jug, leaving most of the handle intact. Fill it partway with thinner and soak your brush as usual. Then go ahead and set the jug aside and wait several hours. When the thinner separates, use the jug like a funnel to pour the solvent off into a storage container, leaving the solids behind.

posted on June 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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