SawStop 10" Contractor’s Saw with Safety Features, Mobile Base and Jobsite Cart
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SawStop Contractor Saw with Mobile Base SawStop's Contractor's Saw adds SawStop's patented safety features to a powerful contractor's saw with a mobile base and optional jobsite cart.

SawStop®’s claim to fame isn’t storage, but safety: they’re the purveyors of the system that stops a spinning saw blade within 5 milliseconds of contact with a woodworker’s skin, before any serious damage is done. They’ve added this system to a 1.75 HP, 10" Contractor’s Saw spiffed up with other safety features, too: a riving knife, a hands-free On/Off switch and a low-profile blade guard that can be used even on cuts as small as three-quarter inch (so you don’t have to, unsafely, take the blade guard off). As of 2009, a model with a 30" fence will cost you about $1,599; go for a 36" fence and it’s $1,779, or add a couple of 36" and 52" extension tables to make it nearly a hybrid saw, and you’re looking at $1,779 or $1,839 (plus the cost of a mobile or jobsite cart base).

posted on June 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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