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Proxxon DSH-E Scroll Saw Features An Improved Dust Collection System
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Proxxon scroll saw 2011 Street price: $269
Throat Depth/Stroke: 15-3⁄4”/ 3⁄4"
Speed range: 400-1600 SPM
Table size: 10-1⁄2" x 14-1⁄4"
Motor: 1.6 amps
Blade style: Plain end or pin

In more than 10 years of tool testing, this was my first chance to lay hands on a Proxxon machine. Designed in Germany, Proxxon tools cater to the precision hobbyist, so the DSH/E Scroll Saw had some unique features that distinguished it from other machines here.

For starters, unlike the pear-shaped table on other scroll saws, Proxxon provides a rectangular cast table here. The bigger the table, the better, in my book. When you’re turning a workpiece around in all directions to follow a curvy line, it’s nice to have table underneath wherever you need it for better workpiece handling.

Variable-speed and “On/Off” controls are below the table, but they’re set further forward than some other saws, making them easier to find while you work without looking down.

Next to the articulating-arm style dust blower, which I like best, Proxxon’s solution comes in a close second. It’s a long metal arm that can be tilted up or down as well as swiveled left and right with a tool-free knurled knob. Lock it where you need it, or tip it up and out of the way when making adjustments. The soft, clear rubber tubing that connects the metal end to the internal baffle would, at times, come off of its mount, because the nipple seems too short. That would need to be remedied in some fashion.

Proxxon quick release lever The quick release lever on the Proxxon DSH/E Scroll Saw is easy to use and ensures you can get back to cutting as quickly as possible.

Scroll saws all come with a hold-down foot to keep workpieces from doing the jitterbug during cutting. Most conventional foot designs are mounted to a post that you raise and lower. Proxxon’s foot design is clear plastic, and it remains under constant spring tension, which can be a bother when you need to make frequent inside cutouts or remove offcuts. On the other hand, I really appreciated the blade quick-release lever, situated right over the top blade mount in front.

Dust collection here was very good, with a 1-3⁄8" O.D. rear-mounted port that comes with a soft-rubber attachment coupling. It makes connecting a vac hose simple and sure.

A $269 sticker price, in 2011, seems a bit steep here and sets the high bar for this group, but the saw functioned admirably and sports that nice, big table.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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