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Sears Craftsman 11726 Is a Solid Power Sander with a Comfortable Grip and a Balanced Performance
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Craftsman 11726 Power Sanders The Craftsman 11726 is built to be user-friendly and offers a balanced performance for an affordable shop sander.

The Sears Craftsman 11726 isn’t the only 3x21 model that Sears makes. The other one, model #11722, looks like a clone of the Black & Decker “Dragster,” so I chose not to include it in this review. The 11726 doesn’t have the fancy features found on other models, but is a solid, affordable belt sander with an all-reinforcedplastic body and an 8-amp, non-variable-speed motor. I really liked the Craftsman sander’s handles: The rear handle’s curved shape and overmolded surface are comfortable to grip, and the single-finger trigger is shaped and positioned just right. Like the Black & Decker, this unit has a rubber-covered alloy rear roller and a plastic front roller, although the 11726’s two rollers are the same size. One unique feature is the Craftsman’s belt-tracking adjustment knob, which is located atop the belt housing, just below the front handle.

Craftsman 11726 belt tracking knob The belt tracking knob on the Craftsman power sander is well placed so you can make adjustments while you're working.

The knob is very handy to use, especially when you need to tweak belt tracking during sanding. I also liked the 11726’s belt tension release mechanism, which features a wide plastic lever that’s easy to get two fingers under. For dust collection, a smallish canvas bag slides onto a plastic port, which also accepts a small-diameter hose without an adapter.

Craftsman Power Sander Dust Collection Craftsman's sander runs smoothly, but its dust bag is too small and the hose connector is rather undersized as well.

Despite its no-frills character, I was pleasantly surprised at the unit’s overall performance. It stayed well balanced during most operations and offered decent power; even when pushed, it removed stock with gusto.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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One thought on “Sears Craftsman 11726 Is a Solid Power Sander with a Comfortable Grip and a Balanced Performance”

  • Nuno Alexandre Garcez
    Nuno Alexandre Garcez December 4, 2015 at 5:31 am

    I have a 315.117920 Crafstman Belt Sander, bougth years ago (in 1988!) which is perfoming very well, but the frequent breakage of belts is annoyong. I do find that breakage may be due to the tension of the belt, its release lever very hard to move. Is there another, softer spring available for this model to replace the original P/N 96726-001??I would be much obliged for the information.

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