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How to Fasten a Featherboard Securely to the Miter Gauge on Your Table Saw
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Featherboard Mounted in a Miter Gauge Slot With the miter gauge head removed, the featherboard can fit snuggly to the table saw.

The mounting bar of my featherboard was too wide for the narrower miter gauge slot on my portable table saw. Despite my search, I couldn’t find a replacement of the correct width. So, I took my miter gauge apart and drilled two holes through its bar for the featherboard bolts. I countersunk these holes for the bolt heads and fastened the featherboard to it. On my saw, the table has tabs that hold this bar in the slot. Thanks to those tabs, I can use the miter gauge handle, threaded into its hole, to tighten the bar so the featherboard doesn’t move. Now it’s a 30-second changeover from miter gauge to featherboard.

posted on December 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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