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Rockler's Steel Shop Stand | Multiple Tool Tables
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Shop Stand Multiple Tool Table

Sometimes you just need a space for your benchtop tools to call home. Rockler’s Shop Stands are the perfect solution. You can configure them to fit your needs and organize your workflow. Add locking casters for mobility and shop trays to keep tools within easy reach. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!



36" Multifunction on Casters + Closed Cabinet + Drawers

Multiple Tool Table Closed Cabinet

This configuration is just large enough to hold a couple of benchtop tools on top, and it offers a drawer and enclosed cabinet for convenient, dust-free storage – and you can move it around your shop to maximize space. You provide the top, shelf, drawer parts and pulls, and plywood for enclosing the cabinet. You'll also need to install blocking at the sides for the drawer. (16" slides recommended.) It's built with one 18"W x 36"L x 28"H Shop Stand on Locking Casters.

Supplies List
Shop Stand Kit
(1) 47502 18"W x 36"L x 28"H Shop Stand Kit
Locking Casters
(1) 47034 Locking Casters, Set of 4


48" Multifunction

Multiple Tool Table Open

If you're looking for a stand where you can set up a couple of larger benchtop tools that won't need to move, this configuration is a great option. It's simple to build, too: Just assemble one 24"W x 48"L x 28"H Shop Stand, attach the top and shelf of your choice using the predrilled holes in the stretchers and add a couple of shop trays to the sides to keep tools and accessories within easy reach.

Supplies List
Shop Stand Legs
(1) 60749 32" Shop Stand Legs
Shop Stand Stretchers
(1) 60764 24" Shop Stand Stretchers
(1) 60780 48" Shop Stand Stretchers
Dust-Free Shop Tray
(1) 45605 5"W x 24"L x 1"H Shop Tray
Dust-Free Shop Tray
(1) 48477 5"W x 24"L x 3"H Shop Tray

Download the Multiple-Tool Tables PDF for a complete list of supplies as well as diagrams featured above.

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posted on April 21, 2014 by Rockler
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