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Since You Probably Need More Clamps...
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jet f clampsF-style camps are one of the most often used clamps in the shop. The quick-adjusting F-style is perfect for holding parts in place while you screw or nail them together, quickly clamping down featherboards and other jigs, or for adding a little extra pressure in just the right spot during a complicated glue-up.

They seem like such a generic woodshop standard; you might not expect to find much of a difference between one and the next. But there are subtle - and not-so-subtle - differences in quality that can make one F-clamp a pleasure to use and another, less thoughtfully manufactured model invariably the last one on the rack. Jet Tools, for example, goes the extra mile with it's version of the familiar F-clamp by adding padded clamping surfaces and their trademarked "Sumogrip" ergonomic handle. The Jet F-style clamps are husky enough to give you some actual clamping pressure, adjust quickly and reliably, and have the all important detents on the bar that mean that the rear jaw won't slip when you crank the handle. They're a solid, reliable clamp that you'll reach for first for years and years.

And that's what makes this such exciting news: Right now at Rockler you can Jet F-style bar clamps for less than you'd be likely to pay for just about any "bargain" clamp on the market. Until they run out, you can get a set of four for $20 - a deal on truly reliable clamps that you won't see very often. It's a great opportunity to beef up an underfed clamp collection, or to add a few more to the extensive horde you've been working on for years. But really, don't rush out and buy a dozen just to save a buck; we only want you to buy them if you actually need more clamps. And how many clamps do you need? We aren't exactly sure, but based on a quick survey, here's a rough estimate:

"Q. -How many clamps are needed in one’s workshop? A. -About ten more than

you’ve got!"

“No woodworking shop can ever have too many clamps.”

“You can never have enough clamps.”

“You can never have too many clamps.”

"Ask anyone who's worked in a wood shop. When it comes to clamps, you never have enough."

“It doesn't seem to matter how many clamps you own, there are always not quite enough...”

“One thing I can use is more clamps, I have a bunch but could use more.”

“It seems that no matter how many clamps I own, it’s never enough."

[Advice to beginning woodworker] “You will need clamps. Lots of clamps.”

“A drill Press is handy, and clamps, all kinds and lots of them…”

“Running out of clamps is a constant problem...”

“No boatbuilder ever had too many clamps.”

"Some say that it is nearly impossible to own too many C-clamps."

"There can never be too many clamps in a workshop."

"Clamps - No matter how many you might have, you won't have enough!"

"Keep in mind you will never have too many clamps."

“There’s no such thing as too many clamps.”

“You can't go wrong if you own a clamp-making factory.”

“Note to self: Buy more clamps.”

posted on February 23, 2007 by Rockler
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