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SketchList 3D: Design Like a Pro in No Time!
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Rockler is excited to introduce SketchList 3D, a new three-dimensional project planning program specifically created for woodworkers! With SketchList, you can have the design capabilities of a professional in your very own woodshop at an affordable price.

One big difference between SketchList and another, similarly-named product is this: SketchList 3D makes it easy to create detailed visualizations and accurate designs for your woodworking projects, even if you have no previous computer design experience.

The software lets users "build" three-dimensional project plans with virtual boards -- as opposed to flat lines -- for more accurate, realistic designs. (This also makes it easy - and fun - to experiment with different designs).

And get this - SketchList 3D knows woodworking! It's programmed with built-in shortcuts that automatically incorporate common woodworking elements: doors, drawers, custom joinery and edge treatments, for example. Simply enter the dimensions and select the desired options (dado joints, for instance); SketchList 3D instantly adjusts the design! Unlike other design software that is more geared toward creating a presentation, SketchList actually gathers the size and material-type of each piece and automatically generates a Purchase List, an optimized Cut List and Layout Diagrams for your project! And because it's fully integrated, every design change you make automatically updates the lists and diagrams.
For a program with such broad capability, SketchList 3D is remarkably user-friendly. There's no need to spend hours learning complicated design programming! Simple graphics and intuitive menus make it very easy to navigate, while interfaces you're already familiar with (like spreadsheets and data entry forms) mean you'll be able to start entering your project as soon as you download the software. This is not a generic design software. This is software that's specifically designed for you, the woodworker. We'd really like for you to try it out, so we are offering a free, full-featured trial version of SketchList 3D at During the 14-day trial period SketchList performs exactly the same as the purchased version, which retails for $199.99. The software is currently compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista only. For lots more information, including video demos of the software, click over to SketchList 3D on After you try it out, come back and leave a comment telling us how you liked it. Once you try it, you'll agree - it's made for you!

posted on June 17, 2009 by Kim Adams
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23 thoughts on “SketchList 3D: Design Like a Pro in No Time!”

  • Ken Weinert

    Once you have a cross platform version available (specifically for Linux) let me know and we'll talk :)

  • Scottiebill

    I hope that your SketchList 3D is easier than the Sketch up program that I tried after it was touted in Wood Mag a few months ago. I finally gave up on it and deleted it out of my computer.

  • Greg Decker

    That leaves us Mac users on the sidelines.....just like owning a left tilt TS and wanting a Rockler Crosscut Sled.

  • ScottieTom

    I could not agree more with ScottieBill, maybe I am getting to old for that stuff!!

  • ScottieTom

    Any sign of a Mac version on the horizon?

  • Jim

    Let me know when SketchList is available for Apple and then I might be interested.

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Mac users: We feel your pain! We're happy to say a Mac version is in the works and should be available within the next 6-12 months. You can be sure we'll announce it when it's available!

  • Rockler Blog Team

    ScottieBill and ScottieTom: This program is remarkably easy to use. That's the great thing about a free trial - you can see for yourself before you decide to buy!

  • Billding

    I hope that when and if you do develop a Mac version that you offer the same 14-day trial period.

  • Rob Haberkorn
    Rob Haberkorn July 9, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    This program is touted as being "user friendly", and for someone with no computer design experience. I consider myself to be moderately computer savvy, but I am unable to navigate this program. First there are no instructions!!! No tutorial !!! No useful help information. If you haven't run something very similar to this program, there is very little chance that you can guess your way to completing anything. Without some much more user friendly tutorial and simple to follow instructions I feel the price should be under $25.00.

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Rob -
    Thanks so much for your comment! You're absolutely right - we had been remiss in not posting the video tutorials, and a link to the online manual for the SketchList software! We are working to get those links up ASAP. In the meantime, here are a couple links you can use that will help you out a lot:

    We appreciate your comment, and hope you'll take a look at the manual and the tutorials and stop back afterward to tell us how you like SketchList.
    Rockler Blog Team

  • Jack

    I agree with Ken. Linux, ubuntu distribution specifically. I look forward to using your product.

  • Andrei

    Scottiebill, Sketch Up is the most user friendly and versatile CAD software on the market. I use AutoCAD and it was easy for me to use it, I needed 1 day to figure it out but it shouldn't take you more then a week to master it. Try the video tutorials. It's free!

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Be sure to try out both programs before making a choice. With a free trial period, there's no downside to trying SketchList. We think you'll find that, being designed specifically for woodworkers, SktechList is the best program out there.

  • Andrei

    Rockler Blog Team, thumbs up for the software. I have to admit I didn't think SketchList could be much better then SketchUp for the bucks to make sense, but it is! I have some experience with software development and CAD and you did a good job. Of course I think it's overpriced, but who doesn't when it comes to taking money out of their pocket :) Best of luck!

  • Butch Foote

    I agree regarding the Mac version. It's got the best easiest to use graphic api's around and I am always suspicious of a new "3D program" for windows where a bunch of nubies are trying to reinvent Mac technology from 10 years ago.
    Snore again.

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Hi Butch - That's why we're offering a free trial period. No need to be suspicious - just try it! Then you can see the technology for yourself.

  • Bob Schabel

    I found the software easy to use. I designed my first bookcase
    in 3-4 hours, which included the learning time. The cut list and
    purchase list saved me 1 piece of oak plywood that I
    overestimated with pencil and paper. Though priced more than
    I would want to pay, in time it will pay for itself.

  • Luke

    When will a mac version come out?

  • Rockler Blog Team
    Rockler Blog Team December 1, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Luke - This is from the SketchList website FAQ:
    "The Mac version of SketchList 3D should be available at the end of 2011. We will be looking for people to test the first release of the Mac software." (more at It's definitely in the works.

  • Fred Giesen

    I downloaded Sketchlist3D in Nov 2012. I had a few hours of frustration until I got clear in my head top, bottom, front, back relationship and discovered the video tutorials. I was very impressed on the quick response I received from Dave Rozewski when I asked for support.
    In the two week trail period I designed a medicine cabinet, then a complex three level cabinet; base, base cabinet with 4 raised panel doors, top with 4 tilted sliding doors. I absolutely love the shop drawings and 3D rotation where you can see mistakes, some highlighted in green, some simply not what I intended.
    I originally thought it was too pricy for a hobbyist, now that I'm considering my next project I can't see doing it on paper anymore.
    The cut list is great for plywood or fixed sizes, when using rough lumber, random length/width you have to work out the details yourself. You can create any size stock you wish (pro version), but it doesn't do any good after you place a board in the project.
    If you're thinking of buying the hobby version, don't practice on the trail Pro Version ... you won't be happy with feature reductions.

  • gordon compton

    Can you save your drawings as DXF files In pro version of
    Sketchlist 3D? And will this program run in WIN-8.1 or 7

  • Steve

    I feel Sketchlist is excellent software. Ad sadly I find the support terrible. I've been having continual trouble keeping my software validated on my Mac... most recently when I upgraded my Mac to the latest operating system. And whenever I enquire about troubleshooting, I'm accused of trying to scam Sketchlist in some way. And if you have a drive or logic board replaced in your computer, the software is not only no longer validated, but there's no way to re-validate it beyond re-purchasing the software, else you will be accused of trying to steal another copy of the software. At this point, Dave (the owner of Sketchlist) will not even give me the courtesy of a reply. I even had a tech support at Apple write a kind explanation of why I'd legitimately need a new key after they replaced my logic board in my Mac. It's terrible, paranoid "support". Currently, I cannot use my paid-for copy of sketchlist, I'm unsure still what steps to take next but for now I'd like to alert other customers or potential customers wherever I can.

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