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Skil 9225 Reciprocating Saw Is Heavy but Features Smooth, Quick-Cutting Action
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Skil 9225 portable reciprocating saw Skil's 9225 portable reciprocating saw is one of the heaviest saws on the market, but provides the most even and reliable cutting power.

The heaviest saw in the test group, this 9 lbs. 11-1⁄2 oz. Skil has the hefty body of a TV wrestler, yet surprisingly, the graceful manners of a dancer. Topping the leader board in my cutting tests, the Skil’s quick-cutting performance was in another league from the other saws. Not only could it cut through a 2x8 in a mere 15 seconds, the cutting action felt nearly effortless. The Skil produced so little vibration, the saw ran smooth as silk even during the heaviest cuts. Part of the Skil’s aggressive cutting performance is no doubt due to its selectable blade orbit. The pivoting lever works well, but it was not clearly marked.

Skil spare blade storage inset Skil's reciprocating saw has a handy spare blade storage piece inset into the top of the saw's body.

As low-priced as the Skil is, it includes some nice features, including a power indicator light on the side of the handle, rubber over-molded grip, an Allen wrench (attached to cord and used to adjust foot position) and a spare blade holder built into the top of the handle.

While the 9225 is technically a variable-speed saw, speed is adjusted (between 800 to 2,700 SPM) via a dial on the handle. Pull the two-finger trigger and the saw jumps right up to the full speed set on the dial. I really missed the kind of trigger speed control found on the other saws. My only other beef with the Skil is that it uses the same blade clamp found on the Bosch — not my favorite.

posted on August 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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