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Using Small Drill Bits with Drill Chucks Before Scroll Sawing
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Chucking a small drill bit To get a small bit chucked into a drill press, use a 1/4" chuck and thread a 3/8"-diameter bolt into it, then clamp this smaller chuck unit into the large one.

My wife recently took up scroll sawing, and she needs to drill small starter holes for the blades to make tiny cutouts. Some of the drill bits are so tiny that the 1/2" chuck on my drill press won’t grip them.

To solve this problem, I bought a 1/4" chuck and threaded a 3/8"-diameter bolt into it. I secured the bolt with a locknut and cut off the head. Now I can clamp the smaller chuck right into my larger one, and it holds those tiny drill bits securely.

posted on August 1, 2009 by Matt Hocking
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One thought on “Using Small Drill Bits with Drill Chucks Before Scroll Sawing”

  • Marjorie Kohler
    Marjorie Kohler November 3, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Perfect solution but why don't they sell a chuck like this in one piece. Make it fit the normal drill press on the adapter end and have the jaws made to accept tiny drill bits for us scroll sawers. I had one once but lost it and don't remember where it came from on internet.

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