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Specialized Router Bits: Edge-banding Bits Cut Plywood Veneers with V-Groove Joinery
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Infinity Tool/Eagle America Edge Banding Bit Set These Edge-banding bits from Infinity and Eagle America make nice joinery cut in plywood to allow for strengthened edge gluing.

A lot of woodworkers can’t accept a plain old glue joint for edge-banding plywood. They just don’t believe that glue spread on the plywood’s edge will secure a thin strip of solid wood to the plywood. So, here are a couple of profiles designed specifically for edge-banding.

I like these V-groove-based edging approaches. You chuck the “plywood” bit in your table-mounted router and just center the cut on the plywood edge. Given the shapes of the cutters and the odd number of plies in veneer-core plywood, it’s surprisingly easy to do. When you switch bits, you use a sample of the cut plywood to adjust the height of the edging bit.

Plywood cut with an edge banding bit The edge-banding bit sets cut both the plywood and the edging that produce joints that are stronger than average and easy to produce.

The profiles give you a positive fit; you won’t find the edging squirming out of alignment as you apply clamping pressure. Moreover, you get some long-grain to long-grain gluing surfaces, yielding a stronger bond than the long-grain to endgrain match you get with conventional glue-ups.

The edging has enough substance to allow tight miters at corners. And you can trim the edging very, very close to the plywood veneers without fearing the edging will delaminate from the plywood.

posted on December 1, 2008 by Bill Hylton
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