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Specialized Router Bits: Reversible Drawer Lock Glue Joint Bit Offers Easier Front-Edge Joinery
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Eagle America Reversible Drawer Lock Glue Joint Bit Reversible drawer lock glue joint bits, like this one from Eagle America, add functionality over drawer lock and glue joint bits, especially on thinner stock.

Most woodworkers know of glue-joint bits and drawer-lock bits. But there’s a form of the glue-joint bit that’s scaled for thin stock. And it will cut joinery for assembling drawer boxes.

You ought to get to know this little cutter. Use it to mill adjoining edges of 1/2" stock when making drawer boxes. The advantage in this is that the joint — so long as it is properly cut — forces the faces of adjoining boards to come flush as you clamp them.

Joint set up for a lipped front drawer A drawer with a lipped front requires two different set-ups with this bit, one to cut the front and a second to build the side.

Beyond that, use the bit to cut a drawer-lock joint that I believe is stronger than the conventional routed drawer lock. In addition to the interlocking tabs of the conventional joint, this one has an extra shoulder or two that can give the joint just a little extra resistance to racking stress.

posted on December 1, 2008 by Bill Hylton
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