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Specialized Router Bits: The Top Ten Unusual Bit Sets for Project Joinery
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Specialized shop bit mounted on a router table If you work a lot on specific projects or don't mind having a few specialized tools, some unique router bits make specific shop tasks relatively simple.

So much is going on in the router realm that it’s difficult to stay current. Routers don’t fundamentally change from year to year, of course, and neither do router bits. But each year introduces a few novel and occasionally revolutionary bits. And if you aren’t paying close attention, you simply don’t hear about them.

A couple of years back, a buddy of mine was holding the floor at a meeting of the local woodworker’s guild, explaining how to calculate bevel angles and set up the table saw for making sides of hexagonal and octagonal boxes. Partway into his talk, someone shouted, “Aw, you just use a bird’s-mouth bit!”

To save you a similar embarrassment, here’s my list of 10 great bits (including bit sets) that you ought to know about. Just in case you don’t already...

Instile and Rail System
Edge-banding Bits
Bird’s-Mouth Multi-angle Bits
Reversible Drawer Lock Glue Joint Bit
Lonnie Bird Tambour Door Bit Set
Bead-and-Cove Bits
Finger Joint Bits
Window Grill Cutter Sets
Screw Slot Bits
Box Joint Bits

posted on December 1, 2008 by Bill Hylton
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