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Use Your Rockler Clamp It Assembly Square as a Drill Press Fence To Drill Holes
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Rockler Clamp It Assembly Square being used as a drill press fence Using a Rockler Clamp It Assembly Square as a drill press fence.

Recently I needed to drill centered holes through some wood blocks, and my Rockler Clamp-Itâ„¢ Assembly Square found new purpose as a handy drill press fence. It offered full contact surfaces on two sides of the blocks for solid support during drilling. I could reach the blocks from all around, which made it easy to hold them securely without additional clamping. The Clamp-It was simple to set up, too. I lined up the bit with the centerpoint of my block, slid the plastic square up against the wood and clamped it to the table. Worked like a charm.

posted on February 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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