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How to Square Your Table Saw's Miter Gauge by Using Your Laser Level
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Setting Miter Gauge at Zero Set your miter gauge at 0 degrees, draw a line to give yourself a visual and bring the laser level up to align it properly.

I square up my table saw’s miter gauge with laser precision. First, I clamp a laser level or pointer to the miter gauge fence and set the gauge to 0°. Then I draw a fine vertical line on my rip fence. I slide the fence over close to the miter gauge and move the gauge until the line “splits” the beam.

Squaring Your Miter Gauge Pull the laser level back and check to make sure the alignment stays square, if not, you know how far you must adjust your gauge.

Now move and lock the fence as far as it will go away from the miter gauge. If the laser beam is still split by the line, you know the gauge is square. If the beam drifts off the line, the gauge isn’t square. Adjust the miter gauge fence, and repeat the close/far inspections until the beam remains centered on the line. Assuming you are within 1/32" of centering the beam, your gauge will be accurate to a tenth of a degree.

posted on June 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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2 thoughts on “How to Square Your Table Saw's Miter Gauge by Using Your Laser Level”

  • JoAnn Swible

    I am having a hard time understanding how to make a 45 angle cut using a circular saw, I am trying to make cut to form a birdhouse where the roof meet and the wall meet the roof, I need some major help understanding how to make the ends meet straight,

  • Doug Drury

    A neat trick, but it will only work if the laser is projecting perfectly parallel with the face of your miter gauge. If it is not perfectly parallel, then you are adjusting your miter gauge to be off the same amount.

    A better way would be to clamp the laser to the table, and square the laser as described above by moving the fence back and forth. Then square your miter gauge to the beam of the laser.

    Now, all we need to some way to make sure the saw blade is parallel to the fence...

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