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Stanley Sweetheart Wood Planes and SquidBrite LED Work Light and Stand
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Stanley's Sweetheart Plane line Stanley's Sweetheart planes are made out of high quality steel and iron and provide high quality reduced chatter planing in a traditional-looking body.

Stanley is an old name in woodworking that’s still making tools for the 21st century. In fact, their tools run the gamut from traditional — like their new launch of five premium Sweetheart™ planes — to totally new, like the SquidBrite™ work light. Stanley, in fact, cited the company’s hand plane history dating back to 1872 at the launch of the new Sweetheart line, which includes a No. 4 smoothing bench plane, a No. 62 low-angle jack plane, a No. 92 shoulder/chisel plane, a No. 60-1⁄2 block plane and a No. 9-1⁄2 block plane, all of which have a limited lifetime warranty. Their thicker blades are constructed from A2 steel, and the plane bodies are cast from ductile iron to reduce chatter and dampen vibration. Each of the planes has a precision-machined base for accuracy and performance, with solid brass knobs to maintain the look of the traditional style. They also feature user-friendly adjustments and, in the case of the No. 4 smoothing bench plane, a patent-pending lateral locking adjustment. As of 2010, Stanley’s Sweetheart planes are priced from $99.99 to $179.

Stanley SquidBrite Work Light and Stand Stanley's Squidbrite Work Light provides 10,000 hours of shop lighting with three lighting settings and a detachable head for maximum mobility.

As for the SquidBrite, it’s an LED work light that lasts more than 10,000 hours, with rechargeable batteries (that operate up to six hours on a single charge) built right into it. It’s also mounted on flexible, grooved rubber arms that can wrap around objects or sit securely on uneven surfaces, with the light head pivoted to the perfect angle. The light also detaches for handheld use, or to attach to a metal object with the magnet on its back. It has three light settings (high, low and flashing) and Constant Light Output technology so that the amount of light remains, well, constant, throughout your project. 2010 suggested price on the SquidBrite is $29.99.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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