Starborn Industries Smart-Bit Countersink Bits Provide Pre-drilling Support for Most Screw Sizes
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Starborn Pre-drilling and Countersink Tools Starborn Industries' countersink tools allow you to drill five different countersink sizes to fit most screw depths and types.

SMART-BIT® from Starborn Industries is a pre-drilling and countersink tool with a countersink portion proportionate to the head of each corresponding screw size. It matches the head diameter, head angle and countersink depth of the hole and fit. A stop collar that spins free of the bit and a rubber O-ring ensure the tool won’t leave marks. It drills a 1-1⁄8"-deep hole and is available in five sizes. The SMART-BIT is packaged with two replacement drill bits and a hex Allen wrench. Pricing varies by screw size, starting at $14.99 for a #7 trim-head SMART-BIT.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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