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How to Start Using Google SketchUp CAD Programs for Woodworking Design
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3D design for a canister project made in Google SketchUp Sketch up can turn your 2D drawings into 3D models, allowing you to view your project from all angles before starting it.
Five tips to get started

1. Watch tutorials on YouTube, which allows you to stop the video and practice along with the lesson.

2. Keep the built-in instructor window open at first. It’s very helpful.

3. Learn the key commands for zoom, pan and orbit right away. This will save you time.

4. Remember this program is based on pushing and pulling 2D objects to create 3D objects.

5. Understand the way the program snaps-to objects while creating surfaces. This is called snap inferences.

SketchUp Highlights

• Precise dimensions

• Changes to one item automatically applied to others

• Get a first-person view from “inside” your drawing

• Add Dimensions and Labels to your design

• Import 3D models from Google Warehouse

• Use Sections for cutaway views of a design to see inside

• Follow Me tool extrudes 2D shapes along 3D paths

• Paint Bucket for colors/textures

• Import image files and use on surfaces to create photo-realistic design

posted on August 1, 2010 by Jeff Jacobson
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2 thoughts on “How to Start Using Google SketchUp CAD Programs for Woodworking Design”

  • jerry cusac

    I have google sketch up 8 on my laptop. I am 60 years old and know nothing about computers. I have tried using sketch up many times and get frustrated and just go back to paper and pencil. Are there any helpful hints you have to get started or should I just stick to paper. Thanks for any advice.

  • Mike Pinamonti

    I have sketchup for woodworkers video, part 1& 2 and still don't understand it. How can I get a lesson or so to improve? any classss available?

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