Steel City Tool Works 40250 Planer Fairly Priced with Minimal Snipe
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Steel City Tool Works 40250 Stationary Planer 2008 Price: $1,349.99
Phone: 877-724-8665
Knives: 3 steel, conventional
Planing Capacity: 15"W x 6"H
Speed Settings: 16 or 20 FPM
Overall Bed Length: 48"
Average Snipe: .0006"
Weight: 473 lbs

Rounding out the test group is Steel City’s 40250. It features a digital depth scale that reads in Imperial or metric and can be set up several ways, depending on how you want to monitor stock removal. I appreciated that Steel City kept the manual scale as well — it’s located on the column like the General, Powermatic and JET planers. It’ll be helpful when the digital scale’s battery eventually peters out.

Steel City stationary planer metal caster table Steel City's cast-iron support tables are heavy and durable, perfect supporting large amounts of stock.

This planer performed exceptionally well in testing. Snipe never exceeded .003", and it all but disappeared on many passes. Very impressive for a machine straight off the shipping skid. Chip debris whisked away neatly through the left-facing dust hood and 4" port. It has three conventional straight knives and comes with a knife-setting jig and base casters. Here’s a tempting machine at a fair price.

posted on April 1, 2008 by Chris Marshall
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