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Stickley Hardware : Old World Traditions

by Joanna Werch Takes
for Woodworker's Journal Magazine

Gustav StickleyIf you've been reading Woodworker's Journal for a couple of years, you may remember that we named Gustav Stickley the "woodworker of the 20th century"-- noting how his influence has inspired woodworkers up to and including Norm Abram. For Stickley, construction and decoration were inseparable -- which meant he was picky about his hardware.

He respected the ancient crafts, and filled his factory with metalsmiths trained in Old World traditions. His workshops made and offered hardware in a variety of metals -- iron, copper, brass and pewter -- as well as, sometimes, in wood.

Living history: Hardware originally designed by Gustav Stickley is still available today, exclusively from Rockler.

Living history: Hardware originally designed by Gustav Stickley is still available today, exclusively from Rockler.

Round or pyramid-shaped wooden pulls were less expensive for his customers, and were used more frequently in "non-public" areas of the house like the kitchen or bathroom. Showier rooms generally had hand-hammered copper or iron hardware for pulls and hinges. Strap hinges were a predominant style, while the pulls tended to be of the ring bail variety.

Stickley FurnitureThe iron was in the Old World "armor bright" finish, while the copper and brass went through a firing method that produced a texture, but were left unlacquered. Just as Stickley believed in letting age darken the wood in his pieces, he also said, regarding hardware, that age and exposure were the only agents "required to produce beauty and variety of tone."

For today’s woodworker completing a Mission style project, the hardware is the final touch -- both functional and decorative.

posted on April 9, 2013 by Rockler
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  • Stephen hoverman
    Stephen hoverman August 22, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Bought hng Stickley 2x2 hinges a number of years ago, can't find them or any Stickley hinges on your website

  • Brett

    I need hinges for stickley La Rochelle armoire. Any idea where I could find them?

  • Steve Ohlman

    I need to find swivel base parts for your leather back cherry mission style office chair. Can you help me ?steve

  • Jeff Minor

    I'm also looking for the hings I used to buy from Rockler. The one's I bought instead have a horrible antique finish, which I had to remove, then I put a new patina on them. That's more work than I want to do.

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