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Still hungry? Rockler serves up Bench Cookie Home Edition and Bench Cookie Work Grippers Plus
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Rockler's Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers have been so popular — and people have come up with so many new ideas for how to use them — that we've been busy cookin' up some new flavors for you!

The Bench Cookie™ Home Edition is a sleek black version of our grippy little disc.This more neutral look will blend easily in with your décor for all sorts of home applications! Slip them under laptops and AV components for additional ventilation and stability. Use them under cutting boards to prevent slippage — ideal for that favorite cutting board with the slight warp. And when rolling out dough, cooks won't have to chase the cutting board across the counter anymore.

And of course, they work just as well in the shop if black is preferred over blue. Easy to store, easy to use. Bench Cookie™ Home (Item #33877) retails for $11.99 for a pack of four.

It didn't take long for woodworkers to discover a host of creative applications for the original Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers. But sometimes, a single cookie doesn't provide the clearance needed for certain tasks. Enter Bench Cookie™ Plus, an "up"grade that makes it easier to use circular saws, jig saws, long router bits and drill bits with no risk of hitting the workbench. It also elevates the work to take strain off the lower back. For finishers, it permits smooth, uninterrupted strokes when brushing or spraying the edges of the workpiece, and unrestricted access for edge sanding.

Coupled with new risers, Bench Cookie™ Plus allows users their choice of three different heights: a two-cookie height with the standard riser, or their choice of two- or three-cookie heights with the XL riser. One end of the riser slips into a standard round 3/4" bench dog hole, while the other end threads into the bottom of Bench Cookie™ Plus for a firm connection that will not tip. And of course, Bench Cookie™ Plus can be used alone with all the same benefits of the original. Bench Cookie™ Plus (Item #38052) retails at $13.99 for four cookies. The risers are sold separately in pairs at $3.99 for the standard length (Item #35142), and $7.99 for the XL length (Item #34671). Bon appétit!

posted on August 27, 2010 by Kim Adams
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