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A few months ago, Bruce - a devoted Star Trek fan from Roseburg, Oregon - graced the Rockler website with a very kind review of our 3 degree tilt swivel and a picture of the project for which, he said, it worked extremely well.  This week, Bruce updated us on the nearly-finished Starship Enterprise TOS (the original series) command chair project that’s been occupying his spare time. All we can say is - WOW!

enterprise command chair project

Now, you may be sizing this up – like we did – as the work of a veteran furniture maker or professional fabricator. Nope. That’s the best part. According to Bruce, this is the first time he’s ever made anything out of wood. When asked about the process, he was candid about the learning curve, citing the wood armrests as a head-scratcher for a time. Nevertheless, it sounds like he had a great time and extracted an obvious triumph, even if trial and error phases of the project helped keep a (non-dilithium compatible, we assume) stove fired over a couple of cool winter months.

However it happened, we’re very impressed here – but not entirely surprised. We think the project should serve as an inspiration not only to fellow devotees of the legendary TV series, but to anyone who’s ever wanted to take up a project and didn’t because they thought the necessary skills were out of reach. Here’s proof-positive that a first woodworking project can turn out great.

And we’d be happy to help. In our stock of tools, hardware and woodworking materials, you’ll find everything you need for a huge variety of traditional woodworking projects, as well as endeavors that are a ways off the beaten path. And if you need a little advice, our famously knowledgeable and accommodating technical support staff will be glad to help you find exactly what you need. Then, when you’re all set, we’ll bundle it up and ship it to your door as quickly as we can. If you’re anxious to get moving on a project, it’s the next best thing to whipping out your communicator and having Scotty beam you a board.

Thanks again to Bruce for the review and the pictures.

posted on October 31, 2008 by Rockler
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